Gochemles is a proposal of ditching harmful, toxic and chemical-infused products that are gulping your valuable money and in return giving you more health problems. So, in this raw approach, we are going to discuss about various natural products that are organic, vegan, environment friendly, and cruelty-free.

Why You Should I Use Organic Personal Care Products

If we talk about natural skin products these products are based on natural ingredients that are directly extracted from plants. After that, Think about those toxic chemicals that are in profound amounts like parabens, petrolatum, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), hydroquinone, and Propylene Glycol, soak into your bloodstream through the skin pores and circulated around your whole body.

Moreover, If you know about the effect of these noxious chemicals, you will think twice before using them. Therefore, it is not surprising that why the organic/clean/natural skincare market is developing rapidly because it is not necessary that best skincare products should be non- organic.

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Now, Some Myths and Truths of Natural skin care products:

The truth About Natural BeautyMyths About Natural Beauty
1. Organic products work better as they are the final product of various nature skincare ingredients. As we know skin products penetrate the bloodstream through the skin. In long run, they provide better results where chemical products affect our health drastically.
1. Organic products do not cause allergies. But it is necessary whenever you use any skincare item there is a chance of reaction either it is non-organic or organic. Therefore, firstly do a patch test before using.
2. Organic, zero-waste, and cruelty-free products are environment-friendly. They do not contain harmful contaminants, plastic and are not tried on innocent animals’ lashes and skin.
2. Natural products are not effective. The reality is drugstore products are filled with tons of chemicals ingredients to extend the life span whereas ayurvedic products are packed with minerals, natural nutrients, and antioxidants that are true feed for your skin.

What are Chemical Ingredients

Before talking about natural skin care products, here are some dangerous chemical products you should know about and choose safer alternatives:

1. Parabens: Parabens are used in most personal products to prevent the product from bacteria, fungus, and mold. However, in some researches, it is found that parabens enter your skin and may affect the hormonal balance. Moreover, there also traces found of parabens that there is a link between paraben exposure and breast cancer.

2. Phthalates: Phthalates are used in nail paints, detergents, shampoos, creams, and moisturizers to make products less dry and liquid. These groups of chemicals are responsible for breast cancer, asthma, and diabetes. so, it is important to avoid the usage of fragrance-containing products and cheap plastic packaging.

3. Sodium Lauryl sulfates (SLS): SLS is the most common chemical used in shampoos and body washes for the formation of foam. These chemical ingredients are so harmful so dangerous that may cause kidney and liver defect.

4. Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol is used in liquid skincare products and in some cases responsible for skin irritation and inflammation.

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